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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Ties

So far, I have only posted two things.  This will be my third.  I am brand new to this stuff.  But, already something really, really nice has happened.  I have re-established family ties with a cousin I grew up with long ago (well, . . . ok . . . since we are both still only 29, it was not THAT long ago, it was NOT 40 some years ago . . . good heavens no, since that would make us a year or two older than 29 . . .).  She has moved to a little place in the country, right snugged up to a mountain in a teeny-tiny town a long way from our home town (and I thought we grew up in a small town, but this one is literally 100 times smaller than the town we grew up in).  But, I don't mind telling you it sounds like paradise to me!  I wish I had a mountain in my back yard!

It's funny some of the paths life takes us sometimes!  We all seem to end up in different places and the routes we take to get there are sometimes even more diverse.  Then life gets hectic and you have trouble keeping up with yourself let alone everyone else!  And even with all the new-fangled things, like cell phones and email, we still have a hard time staying connected.  But, add in the Internet, blogging, Facebook and the like and all of the sudden we are sitting in each other's virtual living room sipping coffee together and getting all caught up with each other.  Go figure!

Anyway, it is really nice reading about her life there, and seeing pics of a really, really cute farm, so if you want to get a peek at life outside the city, I highly recommend dropping by her little 9 Acre Farm.  It is so cute and very charming!  And you're gonna fall in love with her dogs!

I wonder if 9 acres is enough room for all of us to move in?

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