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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dragon Fruit Flower

Darn!  Darn! Darn!  I missed it!  I was really looking forward to watching my dragon fruit cactus flower!  It only happens one night and that's it.  As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, about 4 weeks ago I noticed a little bump at the end of one of the arms of my cactus and a week later it was about the size of a large pea, the second week it was a little larger than a shooter marble.  By the third week it was about 3-4 inches long and last weekend it was probably 7-8 inches long.

This morning when I went out to harvest some seed and dig up some basil plants for my cousin I looked over and just couldn't believe it!  I was very sad to see that I had missed the bloom!  Judging by the looks of things, it would appear that it probably bloomed Friday night, although it could have been last night.  I was very disappointed.  The flowers are absolutely huge, probably 8-10 inches across, and so pretty.  As you can see this flower has gotten extremely droopy and doesn't even look like a flower at the moment.  :-(

Well, now I can look forward to the big fruit.  Last time the ants got to it before I did, but I won't let that happen this time!  Of course, I'm going to have to be much more attentive than I was about watching for the flower!

Ok, well, I have some writing to do and some photos of a sandcastle contest to edit and get ready to post!  Talk to you soon!

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