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Monday, January 16, 2012

Flatbread Obsession

Ever since I first saw this post by Deb over at the Smitten Kitchen, I have been enamored with . . . well, in lust with . . . oh alright, . . . completely, madly, insanely OBSESSED with flatbread.  There, I said it.  Are ya' happy now?  

I tried it with the honey and salt flakes.  And, it was very good, but I am not a huge honey fan.  So, then I started making it with just fresh thyme, toasted sesame seeds and shredded parmesan.  Addiction!  Major addiction.  I'm talking get-the-crew-ready-and-stage-an-intervention serious addiction.

Then, it was the barbeque sauce, toasted sesame seed, shredded parmesan and the barest whispers of thinly sliced red onion flatbread.  I was making my own basic barbeque sauce from ketchup, brown sugar, lemon juice and pepper practically by the gallon to get my fix.  Pounds and pounds of this stuff I have pounded down.  Greedily eating every last little crumb.  Sometimes consuming practically the entire batch in one sitting.  And then nearly licking the plate clean.

You see, the dangerous thing is that there really isn't anything to these.  Really.  Only a handful of ingredients that come together in the blink of an eye and bake up in less than ten minutes.  I had no idea that a bit of flour, baking powder, salt, water and olive oil could be such a magical combination.  The toppings are up to you.  Go ahead, let your imagination run wild!  You know you want to!

I'm not sure if I should kiss Ms. Smitten Kitchen or banish her from my reading list forever.  I was going to post about this previously, but couldn't stop eating long enough just couldn't get any photos I really liked.  So, if you want to see really great photos of the process, run over to her kitchen here and here.  She makes her kitchen look very dramatic, like all her ingredients are on stage and you really expect them all to be making a bow to thunderous clapping and ear-splitting whistles of the audience in the final pic dramatic!

Then, I happened upon some flatbread at Whole Foods that was made with rye flour and topped with caraway seeds and shredded Cotswold cheese.  I love Cotswold cheese!  For those of you who may not be familiar with Cotswold, think cheddar married to Ranch Dressing.  At this point, I was beginning to suspect a conspiracy.  Once I found Whole Foods also carries rye flour, I knew for certain.  And now, I have been craving a whole new taste sensation.  

Not so horrible, you might think.  But, . . . since I love them all and can't decide which one I like best, I now have to make three different batches to satisfy my growing addictions.  Soon, I'll have to pick up a second job or turn to a life of crime to support this habit.  The neighbors must be wondering about the stacks and stacks of empty flour sacks piling up around here by now.  I suppose I should start sneaking them out to the dumpsters in the dead of night to hide my shameful secret.  Hmmmmm . . .  they'll probably figure it out when I start waddling around here, anyway.

Go here, get the recipe and go make this now.  I promise, you won't be sorry!   Especially if you try it with the BBQ sauce and red onion.  

Well . . . go on! . . . . . . . . . my goodness . . . . what are you still doing here? ? ?   There's yummy goodness to be found in just minutes in your kitchen! ! !  Shooo!

Well, gotta run . . . ah've gots flatbreads to eat, my dahlings . . .  I'd offer you some, but as you can see . . . I barely have enough for myself.  But, please don't forget to stop back by sometime after you get your flatbread fix!  If you try it, let me know what you think!  Better yet, let Deb know what you think!  :)


  1. Too bad Willow's site does not have an aroma app to tantalize us along with the delicious pictures of flatbread. Here is an idea for use of flour sacks, make doll clothing from them if the sacks are fabric.



  2. LOL, Dennis! You are too funny! I wish our computer screens did have smell-o-vision . . . they do smell great! :) Unfortunately, the flour sacks are paper . . . but I guess I could take a page from the 60's/70's and make paper dresses! :)