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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm still having fun decorating my new shelving (I know, I know . . . I should be FIXING the shelving . . . :)  But, I'm being lazy!  However, please know, I WILL fix them "one of these days"  . . . eventually!  :)  Perhaps when the newness of being able to have spots to decorate wear off!  ;)

I should also get in gear to get the rest of the house taken care of!  I have a very long list of things I want to get done!  (I'm sure I'm not alone in this!)

I will also start getting better at hiding the ugly cords . . . a little ribbon perhaps?  Maybe tiny dabs of museum putty to hold it against the wall also . . . so it is not just hanging there?

The 4 white pillar candles are electric and I have them and the string lights on a timer so when I get home at night I am greeted with this cheery red glow to welcome me home!  Trust me, it really is red-ish!  ;)

I wish I had better lighting to capture it a bit better!  Perhaps one of these days I will also get around to getting a new camera as well!  My lists are getting longer and longer!

But, for now . . . this is what I have to work with!

I bought this mirror a while back for about $10, I think.  It was black and had different hooks on it when I got it.  It's very heavy.  I threw some white paint on it, but I didn't do a very good job and I'm not entirely happy with the hooks I put on it.  I'm thinking about sanding it down a bit and putting another coat of white paint on it to tidy it up a bit more and, hopefully, get rid of the brush marks!  I am also keeping my eye out for other hooks.

I will also have to try to figure out how to photograph mirrors!  I don't know where those strange white tic-tac-toe stripes were coming from in the photo up above the one above here!

In other news . . . the raccoons are back and using the top of my shed as their latrine!  GROSS!  I will have to amend their names a bit to also include Shed Mucker-Upper.  I am wracking my brain on how to stop them this time.  I have a couple of ideas, but they are probably going to look very bad.  Very, very bad.  :(  But, I am going to have to try something!  Shotguns and electrical "stimulation" are apparently out of the question!  ;)  Darn firearms laws and animal rights!  (Before you get upset with me . . . please know I am joking!  Refer to my initial posts on the raccoons!  But, I am getting VERY frustrated!)  I guess this is just their way at getting back at me for keeping them out of my pond . . . for now.  I'm sure they are hard at work googling and researching how to get around my blocks.  I can just picture them doing it . . . sniggering at me the WHOLE time!

If it didn't embarrass me so much, I'd show you the solution to them tearing up my pond!  But, you can see a peek at it here.  I have another idea on that one that would look much better . . . just trying to figure out the actual logistics of how to do it!

Nothing like a little adversity to get the creative juices flowing!

Anyway, that's it for now!  Hope those of you under tons of snow are staying safe and warm!  For those of us in the drought-plagued regions, while I am loving this picture perfect weather . . . we NEED rain!  Or at least snow in the mountains!  Yeah, that would be good!  Leave the sunshine to us and put 9 feet of snow in the mountains for the skiers and snowboarders so it can melt and fill our reservoirs!  Win-win!  :)

Don't forget to grab a bite of chocolate on your way out!  The ones in the pink wrappers have a yummy raspberry filling!  I'll try not to swat your hand away from my favorite!  Happy Valentine's Day! ! !


  1. Happy Valentine's day...your decorations are so lovely. I have eaten too many sweets today. Guess that is what Valentines day is all about. xo

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well, Koralee! Yep . . . it's a sweet day all around! :)

  3. Your home is so beautiful!
    Though valentines has long passed, I thought I'd drop a quick hello, I hope you're well and I hope you're having a great weekend!
    Much love,
    Tammy x

  4. Thank you and thanks for dropping by and saying hello! You have a great weekend, also! :)

  5. Hi! I`m new at blogging. I`m looking forward to meet other people so I`m stopping by to say hello!
    I like your Valentine`s decorations and you have done an amazing job painting the mirror. <3

  6. Sauntering through your posts this a.m. Recovering from the dental surgery! Thanks for all your great comnents at tat-ology.

    This is such an interesting and unusual blog! Love your posts - such a different take on things; I really enjoyed reading many of your descriptions.
    xxoo Fox : )

  7. Thanks for the visit and the kind words, Fox! Hope the surgery wasn't tooooo bad! ;)

  8. Hello my friend!
    Thank you for your kindness. :-) Hugs Stina

  9. You are so kind.:-) Hugs to you. Stina