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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Da Vinci Exhibit

Well, I managed to pick the hottest day of the year (so far!) for this little adventure.  Really, when I googled the directions, it didn't even occur to me exactly where I would be headed, even though I should have known!  I should have known!

Arggggh!  Can you guess from the picture above?  Saturday morning, on the hottest day, at the beginning of tourist season, I was smack dab front and center in the heart of the tourist mecca known as Hollywood.  People were EVERYWHERE! ! ! 

Grauman's Chinese Theater, where the famous leave their hand and footprints (and sometimes, hoof, paw, nose and/or cigar prints) in cement, the Hollywood Walk of Fame where people come to see the stars on the sidewalk of their favorite stars, the area where throngs of people mass to view these things as well as all the people trying to nab as many tourist dollars as they possibly can.  They sell trinkets, food, tours and photos.  There are so many people down there dressed as look-a-likes, with whom for a price, you can get your picture.

There was one "gentleman" who was very tall, dressed in black and I do not have a clue who he was supposed to be.  Anyway, he was standing there talking to someone else, blocking my shot of the theater to show where I had ended up that day.  I probably should have taken one that shows the masses of humanity that were before me, but I like my shots uncluttered with that sort of thing, so I held my camera up as high as I could and tried to get a shot without people in it.  Well, Mr. Ego thought I was trying to snap his pic and very loudly proclaimed, "Oh, Hell NO!  YOU are NOT going to get MY picture!" and promptly whirled around so his back was facing me.  I just wish he had been close enough to hear me reply, "I am not sure who or what you are are, but I would have preferred that you just duck down, because you are ruining my shot of the building"!

Ah, but on to the subject of my post!  The Da Vinci Exhibit, which closes in Hollywood July 4th.  I believe it moves on to Louisville, KY next.  I think Leonardo would have been an extremely interesting person to know.  He had such a wide range of interests, and must have had an extremely lively mind to have come up with all these myriad and diverse ideas.  Watching him tinkering and coming up with all these things would have been vastly entertaining.  Who knew he actually designed the first car!  Move over Henry!

During the day, you can usually come up with a pretty good idea of the time by checking the position of the sun.  But, what about in the middle of the night?  That handy sun isn't going to help you much then.  And, even if you turn that trusty hour glass over just before you retire for the evening, it only helps with the first hour.  500 years ago was a little too early for those handy-dandy pocket watches or mantle clocks, so what's a person to do, when in the middle of the night you awake with a burning desire to know the time?

Leonardo figured it out.  He created a candle, experimenting with different waxes, wicks, sizes of candles etc, until he could reliably measure exactly how far a candle would burn in one hour and marked one hour increments on the candle holder.  Then, all you had to do, is know what time it was when you lit the candle and do the math from there.  

For example, you go to bed (lit the candle) at 9pm (I'm thinking we may have been early to bed types, then - the sun and hour-glass would have helped you figure out bed time), you arose in the middle of the night to a terrible racket and see 5 hours have passed, by the amount of candle that has melted away, so it is 2 o'clock in the morning.  You can now holler at your neighbors and say something like, "Do you know what time it is?  It is 2 o'clock in the morning!  I'm trying to sleep!"  And know you are giving them the correct time!  What a relief!

I didn't realize he had designed so many different things for warfare.  I don't remember that from my days as an art student! 

And, he apparently designed the first robot to entertain his wealthy benefactors and patrons!  And this sketch of a bicycle has been attributed to one of his students, but it was found glued between the pages of one of da Vinci's journals and is thought to have been a sketch of something seen in the da Vinci studios.

I do remember his fascination with flying and flying machines and his predilection for doing illegal autopsies to see how the body worked.

And, I remembered he was obsessed with water, water shoes and other inventions to help man conquer the watery realm, but I didn't realize he had come up with an idea for a type of diving apparatus.

He was also preoccupied with coming up with all sorts of inventions that we still have in use today, such as the differential, which is used in cars, the flywheel, and an early version of the inclinometer, which is still in use today on ships and airplanes to measure the vessel's position relative to a "perfect horizontal orientation".

I know it looks like a gallows, but it really isn't!  Honest!  Click on the
image for a larger peek!  It is actually supposed to depict a diver
below water with air hoses as his lifeline, not a noose!  :-)
Anyway, I did enjoy the exhibit, though I thought these things were going to be life-sized mock ups, so I was surprised to see they were smaller models.  The price of the show wasn't too bad, $18, but when you factor in all the other costs associated with it, I may not have opted to go!  $10 parking, plus $3 tip for the attendant, and my $12 souvenir matted print of the famed "Mona Lisa" (which I somehow lost between the show and the car.  I hope whoever ended up with Mona gives her a good home)!  I wouldn't know how to factor in the cost of trying to wade through a sea of hot, sweaty people trying to make my way to and from the show, or the initial disappointment when the first person I asked to help direct me to the venue told me they had closed the show early, but the store was still open.  He kindly walked me to the stairway and got me going in the right direction.  But, thankfully, he had been misinformed about the show closing early.  And, we'll skip the cost of driving, and the traffic nightmares, so the actual monetary total for this little adventure was $33.  

On the way home, I stopped at an Olive Garden near my home for a late lunch/early dinner and a tall, cool glass of wine to "recuperate". ;-) All in all, it was a good day!  Funny, how a glass of wine can change your perspective on these kinds of things, . . . just like that!  :-)  Well, hope you enjoyed this little adventure!  Until next time!  Arrivederci!

Notice the power saw at the top?  Water-powered, that is!  The water-wheel powers
the gears to make the saw go up and down.  The saw is the thin black thing
hanging between the wood supports at the top. 


  1. Hiya Daughter.....thought I would tell you about the Des Moines Science Center's exhibit. It's called Body Worlds Vital. Real bodies in different poses....almost looks like they were skinned....they say you can compare healthy ones to not so well ones. I have not seen it, only the previews on TV but looks very interesting. It will probably be headed your way sometime. You can look it up under Des Moines Science Center. Just thought you may want to check in to it. The Da Vinci one was here a while back, didn't get to see it either tho. Good ya....Mom

  2. I'll have to check it out! I think it may be one that was here before. It would be interesting, but you know how squeamish I am! :-)