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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Photo: From The Sun in the UK

Where was I that terrible morning?  Getting ready for work.  Just a normal day.  At the time, my usual routine was to get up, turn on The Early Show, fix and eat my breakfast and then get ready to leave for work.  That morning, when I turned on the TV, I thought I was watching a commercial for some high budget action film.  It took a moment to sink in that this was not just some trailer for a movie, it was really happening.  It was real.  It was happening right that very moment, as I was preparing to eat the breakfast that ended up being forgotten.

Photo: Borrowed from Gary Palamara's blog.  These were fine American
heroes who showed what everyday Americans can and will do to save
their country.  They sacrificed their lives to save countless others.

How could anyone do this to all those innocent men, women and children who were not doing anything other than going about living their lives?  These people were not holding guns, charging into someone's homes, invading their land, threatening their lives.  They were just going to day care, to their jobs, taking care of their daily business, flying to be with their families, going on vacation.  How could any of that possibly be a threat to someone else half a world away whom those people didn't even know?  How could you possibly have that much hate for people you don't know that you could so brutally take their lives like that?

Photo: Twin Towers - NASA
Photo: The Pentagon - CBS News

What kind of coward attacks like this?  Cowards who are afraid to do battle with soldiers, so they go after those who have never been trained in the art of defense.  Cowards who prey upon those least suspecting, because they are the only ones they think they can defeat.  This, THIS! is what their "religion" tells them is right? ? ? ?  I mean, they are saying it is their holy war, their Jihad, right?  I have nothing but contempt for them.  What a truly, truly pathetic lot.

Photo: Daily Mail - Memorial Pool in the 1 acre footprint of one of the
.  The names of all the victims that day are engraved
in a bronze border that surround the pools.

For the victims and their families and friends, I have no words . . . only tears . . .

Photo: DNA - In the tower footprints
Photo: KPBS - Tribute in Light

So, these pictures and this video will have to speak for me.

A sea of flags, an ocean of red, white and blue tears. (Photo:


  1. Sherrill, this is an absolutely fantastic post. Simply can't believe the insanity running so rampant in the world. I think everyone remembers where they were. We were up early because that day Bill's sister was having surgery and we were supposed to be in San Diego with her by 7am. Thought it was just an accident, then the 2nd one, and it became evident it was not an accident. Just a sad day that no one will or should ever forget!

    Pat Hengen

  2. Oh yes I here you! I was just coming out of shower here in Australia. The TV was on in the bedroom and I stopped and watch what I thought was an amazing incredible real like film by the ever talented Steven Speilberg. I woke the whole house when I realised we sat and watched in horror. I still feel that horror and tear up. Yes we feel your pain. Cheers SpecialK