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Friday, September 30, 2011

Beautiful Places - Part 2

I'm all agog with how beautiful this country is!  No matter how many times I see some of these places, I'm still awestruck!
They make me want to quit my job and use all my time just watching the light play on them.  All things considered, I don't imagine I could really just live off the land.
I mean, I really like eating, and showering regularly, sleeping in a bed . . . with a roof over my head.  So, I would have to continue working.
And, I don't imagine I would make a great tour leader to take people on backcountry hikes.  
Nor lead them down whitewater rafting corridors.
Nor lead them straight up cliff walls.
So, I'm afraid I'll have to just try to capture the beauty with my lens as best I can on my little point and shoot and visit in person when I can.  
Perhaps one day, I'll be able to visit more than once every 15 years or so!  ;)
Anyway, these are a few more pics of our beautiful land!  I do hope you get a chance to visit the beautiful places in your area often!
See you later!

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