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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at the Little Corona Tide Pools

Soooo . . . this is where I spent my Easter!

It was a gorgeous day.   Nice and warm . . .

Looks like there was a private party out on the rocks that I didn't get an invite to . . .  Oh, well, I didn't happen to be wearing my brown pelican suit anyway, and it looks like that was the required dress code . . .

I was hoping to see several starfish, but alas . . . just this one brightly colored guy turned up.  He was quite large, maybe 10 inches across or more.

There were pretty flowers and  . . . .

. . . brightly covered rocks . . .  I should have taken a pic of my sister's favorite rock.  It left quite an "impression" on her as I recall!  Do you remember, sis?  ;)

And seaweed and sea grasses swaying with the tides . . .

Somehow I missed getting any pics of the anemones, and all the different types of little fishies in there.  But, I did get some pics of the pretty purple sea urchins!

And, there were lots of crabs in there.  The main part of their bodies was about 2-3 inches across, just to give you an idea of how big they were.  Here's one who was afraid I was going to take his dinner away from him!  If I got too close he would drop back down into the water.  I think he was trying to drag his prize to the surface where he could take his time dining.  He wanted a private dinner and I was apparently interfering with that.  I left him alone after this shot.  I just have a little point and shoot camera and can't do macro shots so I tried to isolate just the little guy through the wonders of Photoshop . . . so the quality of the photo is a little pixelated . . .  oooops!  :)

There are four in this pic . . . can you find them all?  Hint:  the two on the closest rock are blending with the coloration on the rock . . .

Another little bit of a close up . . .  pixelations and all!

So, that's it for now!  Just a quick little peek in with you today!  Hope you had a great Easter and have a great week to come!  See you soon!


  1. Beautiful scenery for an Easter Sunday! I hope your sis didn't find her favorite rock the hard way. Stopping by to thank you for the sweet note on my fabric designs. I appreciate your encouragement! I'm still in the early stages but granted samples look good from Spoonflower, mid-May looks like the earliest they'll be available. I'm still working out the details but I'll probably turn my fabrics into handmade wares for my Etsy shop and offer the yardage for sale via the Spoonflower website. I really want my designs on linen (which SP doesn''t offer) so I'm looking at other options too. xo Jami

  2. Hi, Jami! Thanks for dropping by! I'm afraid my sis did find the rock the hard way . . . quite literally! ! ! I'll be looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop with your new laundry! :D

  3. Julie and I talk about that trip out there quite a bit! She didn't seem to find our humor very funny! I know it hurt her but it was TOO funny! Naw...she laughs about it now even tho it did hurt! Those are great pictures you took....makes me want to be at that beach again. I put some cute pictures on Facebook of when the boys were'll have to take a look....Very good post.....Mom

  4. LOL, I know, I felt bad for her, but I was laughing soooooo hard I couldn't even try to help her! :D I'll go check out your Facebook page! Love ya! :)

  5. WOW, it looks great.

    Thank you for your nice comment.:-) Hugs Stina

  6. Thanks, Stina! I'm glad you stopped by! :)

  7. A wonderful post. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pics too. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  8. What a glorious place to spend your easter Sherrill,
    all the beauty for one to take in. That rock did look like a pirates ship, oh! wonder if Johnny Depp was there? Sigh!!! :)
    Have a great week sweetie,