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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Places Part 3

**Update 11-21-12 --  Before you travel to Colorado, please check out my posts here and here.**

Well, I got my internet back!  They actually delivered my new modem Saturday!  Yay!  So, anyway, I have been trying to catch up but am still about 2 weeks behind right now! 

I took way too many pics to post them all here, but will be sharing a little at a time for a couple more posts!  

Here's another batch for now!  The very first pic at the top of this post is a gazebo or picnic pavilion in a park in my hometown in the midwest.  The rest are all from the Colorado leg of the trip.

I had great weather on the way to the midwest and during my stay there, but on the way home I had clouds, rain and snow!

My nephew's wedding was very nice and everyone had a great time.  Even with the wedding, we still managed to squeeze in a little time for visiting, raking leaves and the obligatory leaf fight afterwards.

This was a very scenic trip.  Made me wish I could spend all my time traveling and exploring . . .  But, I sure would like to let Colorado know their traffic circles are very difficult to navigate when they are so small you don't have time to read all the signs to know where you need to be and at the same time, to be able to watch for the merging traffic!  I had to go through many of them a couple of times to get where I needed to go!  AND, why, why, oh why do they hide their gas stations?  The freeway signs would indicate gas at the next exit, but good luck trying to actually find the station!  After about 4 exits and 45 minutes I finally found a road worker who was able to tell me how to find a gas station!  "Go down this road about 3 miles and then look down over the left side - there is a big drop off, so it is easy to miss it.  Look for a restaurant, the gas station is part of the restaurant and it is easier to find the restaurant than the gas station."  She was right.  If I hadn't known to look for the restaurant, I would not have found the gas station.  And this was right off one of the main freeways!  You would have thought since so many people travel through there they would mark things better!

While, unfortunately, I can't spend all my time traveling, I am going to try to make more of an effort to take a few more long weekend trips to start making a dent in the very long list of places I want to visit.  Some places are so beautiful, I want to go back many times to see them in all seasons at all times of the day.

I just wish I could spend a lot more time at some of these places and really take the time to explore them more in depth.  Or maybe, just live in a house like the one below in a place like this!  Ok, I know the place is a church, but when I drove by, I just thought it would be a great place to live and the view was wonderful!  All it needed was a lake!

Anyway, this is just a sampling of the Colorado portion of my trip.  I wish the light would have been better, but I enjoyed the clouds over the mountains and the little spells of sprinkles I got.  I just wish I had an audio clip of the elk calls that echoed through the mountains on one of my photo stops.  I will be sharing pics of the critters I encountered on this trip in a future post also!

Next up will be some of the pics I snapped in Utah!  I hope you'll enjoy them!  Utah has sooooo many gorgeous spots to visit, it is hard to decide which spot is the most picturesque!  Since I still haven't seen all of them, I'll have to reserve judgement for now!  

Well, I hope you'll stop back by to see the rest of the trip!  See you later! 


  1. I like your pictures ,,,so i did take one of them to my computer screen saver ..Thanks

  2. Very nice photos. Beautiful place.:-) Hugs Stina

  3. Hi, Stina! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked the pics! :)

  4. I wondered what happen to you! Great to have you back. Your pictures are always stunning very clear something I need to work on. :) Autumn brings us so much beauty...
    Have a wonderful weekend Sherrill,
    Hugs Rosemary...x

  5. Hi, Rosemary! Thanks for stopping by! I think your photos are always so beautiful, I can't see anything that could possibly be improved! :) You have a great weekend, also!

  6. Just so pretty and nice, I wonder what town that church is in?

    1. Shu, I don't remember exactly where the church was. But, my best guess is somewhere between Boulder and Estes Park. If I am remembering correctly, I took 119 west to 72 north to 7 north to Estes Park. Based on the order I took the photos, it was somewhere along that route, which I think is about a 30-40 mile stretch. Sorry I couldn't narrow it down a bit more for you. But, if you ever get to that area, that is a beautiful, very scenic drive.

      I would just recommend that you avoid taking any portion of the 470 tollway around the Denver area to get there. You might want to check my posts about the nightmares I and many other people have had taking the toll road there.