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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Garden Bounty

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got my garden in my tummy, and it's really making me smile!

This was the first year that I had a garden that consisted of more than tomatoes, basil and asparagus.  I tried last year and the year before that, but didn't have a lot of luck with some of the things I tried.  But, this time, I got lucky.  

My patty pans and zucchini did well (aside from the powdery mildew I fought all season).  I took them out today.  I have had my fill of them for the year!  My asparagus is getting a good start.  I'm not sure what's going to happen with the rhubarb.  It started out gangbusters and looked great, but then it just suddenly up and died.  I hope it comes back next spring, but . . we'll see!  I'm afraid I've seen the last of it. :(

But, this was the first time I've ever tried to grow watermelon and cantaloupe.  And, oh . . . did I ever get lucky! ! !  I planted Moon and Stars watermelon.  I think I should have planted a couple of them to hopefully increase fertilization, so I get more fruit next time.  It's having another flush of blooms, so . . . maybe I'll get another one, but I think they need warmer weather to get sweet . . .

I only got one watermelon from the vine, but it was a nice-sized 10 pounder!  It was ready to harvest last weekend and man, oh, man was it good!  Super, super sweet and oh, so juicy!   Mmmmm-mmmmmm-good! 

And I believe the Charentais (French heirloom cantaloupe) melons do live up to their hype!  The first one, the bugs got.  The second one, my neighbor got because it ripened up while I was on vacation.  The third one, the bugs got again . . . dog-gone roly-polys!  But, the fourth one was mine, ALLLLL mine!  Mwaha ha ha haa  . . .  oh, sorry . . .  ;)  I can attest that they are the sweetest, most flavorful melons I have ever tasted.  They are on the small side, about 6"-7" diameter, but very big on taste! I may have to camp out in my garden with my knife and fork waiting for the next one to ripen up . . .  I.  CANT.   WAIT! ! !  *drool* :)  I wish you could reach into the screen and just help yourself to a piece . . you should grow it . . . really, it's that good!  I am in raptures!  I've got about 10 more in various stages of development . . . but, it is going to be a few more weeks before any of them ripen up.  I normally like to share, but I might be a little selfish with these!  :)

Looking at these photos, it looks like summer is still here!  

But, autumn is creeping in!  So, this will be my little transitional post between summer and fall.  As you can see here, I also had some luck with the pumpkins I planted.  I just got two of the white lumina pumpkins and about a dozen of these cute little Sugar Pie pumpkins.  I plan on using the luminas to decorate for Halloween.  They have been sitting around here for more than a month!  I planted a couple of months too early, though, so next time I need to make sure I wait a bit before I plant them!

The little Sugar Pies are just so cute you want to pinch their little cheeks!  These are my last two, and the smaller one has actually seen better days now!  I am hoping the other is still going to be good enough to eat!  :-)   Speaking of eating, my sister sent me home with some of her squash and sweet potatoes and they were soooooo good, I have been craving more!  They are going to be planted here next year also! I still have one of the Sweet Dumpling squash she gave me and when I get ready to fix it, I will be sure to save some of the seed for next year.  VERY good stuff!  And, she said she would send me another sweet potato for me to use to get a start for next year.  I don't remember what variety they were, but they were absolutely THE best sweet potatoes I have ever had!  Thanks, Jules!  

Oh, my, I just ate and this is making me hungry again!  :)  Can't wait for next spring!  So, there you have it!  I sure hope you enjoyed my little recent harvest!  I know I sure did!  :)  Stop back by again sometime soon!  See ya!  


  1. What a lovely garden you have! Those melons and pumpkins are beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day. xoxox

  2. Thanks, Koralee! I appreciate you stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

  3. Mmmm... looks great. I love melons.:-) Hugs Stinsa

  4. Me, too, Stina! ! ! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You have quite a greenthumb Sherrill! I've never grown a watermelon before yours looks amazing. I was looking at all your beautiful pictures and thinking how I wouldn't have wanted to cut into the gorgeous moon & star. :) Do you keep your pumpkins and gourds until Thanksgiving? I agree with you regarding halloween and gore. I was not raised that way and either was my son. So tomorrow is his first mixed party and this witch will be on the look out.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    hugs Rosemary...xx

  6. Hey, Rosemary! Thanks for dropping by! Good luck with your son's party! I don't think my pumpkins will make it until Thanksgiving, but we'll see! You never know!

  7. Dear Rosemary.You have a true green fingers...this is a true talent.With great pleasure I would eat same ice cream with you to that delicious cafes.Love Anna

  8. Dear Rosemary.You have a true green finger... This is a true talent!!! With great pleasure I would eat some ice cream with you (in that delicious cafe)Love Anna

  9. Excuse me, I am again. Double comment - problems with computer.Have a wonderful monday Anna

  10. Anna, Thanks for stopping by and for leaving such a nice comment! I understand about computer problems! Sometimes I have a hard time leaving comments for people and don't know if they go through or not! I also have problems with the translator not translating correctly or changing some of my words! Have a great day!

  11. I love all your pumpkins!!Your garden is amazing.


  12. Kathy, thanks for dropping by! I'm glad you liked my pumpkins and my garden! I hope you stop by again sometime! :)

  13. They are amazing, making my mouth water. Pop over to my place you have received a Special Award for your blog in appreciation of your support at my place. I hope I am able to share your blog with a few... Cheers SpecialK XoXo