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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Daniel Merriam

Tonight I had the honor and privilege of meeting and shaking the hand one of the nicest people and one of the most fantastic artists.  I bought one of his prints a little over a year ago along with his book, Taking Reality by Surprise.  I brought the book with me tonight hoping I might be able to get him to sign it for me.  And he did. Yay!

We even chatted for some time about his work and I was surprised at how many paintings he puts out a year, which he currently estimates at about 30 or so.  I thought that was a lot, but he said previously he probably put out 40-60 a year.  That just seems like a lot, roughly 1 a week on average!  I would love a chance to be able to sit and watch him work.  He was so kind to spend so much time chatting with me, I really enjoyed it.

Le Petit Trianon
I have watched some of the online videos of him working and I found them fascinating, but of course, they are speeded up, so it is a bit of a distorted way of watching him work.

Flying Dreams
The print I bought last year was Le Petit Trianon and I still enjoy examining every single detail in it.  From the tiny little glass of red wine in the upstairs window to the veining in the butterflies wings to the tiniest architectural detail.  Every single item has the most intricate and delicate details.  I love the colors in it.  His coloration is superb.  The gradations are done so gradually, so smoothly and so seamlessly they almost appear airbrushed.  The original is huge, something like 4 feet by 8 feet.  My print is half that size.

When I look at the copy in the book with a magnifying glass it appears 3D.  I just love it.  

Madame Blanche
They have had others in the gallery I really like, Madame Blanche, High Altitude (really love this one, too) and Lake House.  He has a couple of new ones that I really like as well, the Falconess and Flying Dreams, both of which are calling my name . . . LOUDLY!  :)  He hasn't made any prints of Flying Dreams yet, but I hope he does someday.

High Altitude
Here are a few links if you would like to explore his work a bit further.  If you have a gallery in your area who represents him, I hope you get a chance to stop in and see his work in person.  I think you would really enjoy them!

Lake House
Daniel Merriam's Website

Daniel Merriam's Facebook Page

Exclusive Gallery's Webpage

AFA Gallery New York Webpage

I really like this one, as well. . . Ok, it seems I like all of his work, really well!  What a magical world he lives in!

Built on Dreams Alone